My work is inspired by the human figure and finding ways to create an object visually ambiguous, offering different    

  lectures between the figurative and the abstract, going back and forth, open to the potential of a fluid perception.  

    My Initial interest in the representation of the folding of fabric designs over the body led me to create poses of the

    human figure with stripes and subtracted spaces. Through my craft, the resin cast on the panel creates a relief on

    the surface interacting with the white background where these “positive” and “negative” spaces can be seen as

    completing and/ or competing with each other, depending on how the translucent reliefs of resin interact with the

    light and the viewer’s physical and/or emotional stance.

     The finished work has a sculptural dimension with a decisive edge much like in a bas-relief.

    Over the years I produced works with wood, metal, paper, wire and charcoals. One material constant in my works

    is the resin which is applied with different casting techniques, often born out of experimentation and necessity to

    bring forth the initial idea. 

In the Studio_pjestin1_edited-1.jpg